September life update

I started year 11 last week and it was pretty weird to be honest. The fact i'm starting my last year of school feels wrong considering I still act like a child. But i'm doing alright; everything is okay, apart from my upcoming computer science revision sessions after school - which i'm honestly dreading because no matter how hard I try, I will never understand coding! To get me through school - I've just been listening to a lot of Eminem, mainly because listening to him be angry makes me less angry.

That's enough about school, writing about it makes me sad, I came back from holiday! - It was nice I guess, too hot for me, I probably won't post many photos but I have a few I really love of buildings in the area. I really want to visit somewhere cooler, like Paris or somewhere in Germany because my pale skin and I really struggle with heat of southern France. But my parents enjoyed it, which is good.

I've been really into photography recently, I've been taking every opportunity I have to photograph friends and family and I love it! I can actually see myself one day doing this as a job, It's so fun and I've surprisingly gotten praise for it. I also have an Instagram for my photography (@imogenmayallen) and I'd really appreciate if you would follow and support me. 
I also recently drew this utterly terrifying drawing of Pennywise out of chalk and charcoal: the new IT movie looks amazing, I can't wait to see it this Sunday, luckily I'm not scared of clowns (yet)

Other than school, holidays, my new love of photography and Pennywise the clown - not much has really happened in my life, I'm very busy at the moment. To be honest I don't really know what to do with this blog, I may just post updates because I'm enjoying it, It's a lot more relaxed - I'm not sure yet, I'll see...

I have my monthly playlist on Spotify again:

and I also mentioned my Eminem playlist: