October 2017

I've been so busy this month: school has really picked up and i'm currently searching for 6th Forms. We're currently looking around 6th Forms in the local area which have a good art and design department - and (to be honest) it's been hard. I'm thinking I may stay at my current school, something I promised myself I wouldn't do. I also got my current graphics prediction grade back - I was so proud to see that I've been predicted an A! - I'm two sub levels away from an A*!

Other than school, I've been busy at home - we're redecorating my bedroom (which I'm sure you will see at one point) I'm so excited for it to be done, It feels like It's taking so long. I've planned it to have very neutral shades of grey, so I can hang my art on the walls, and with an accent colour of red for my repainted furniture - the majority of my new furniture is from Ikea, so I can't imagine my room looking too bad.

For my friend Beth's birthday, we bought Declan McKenna tickets and I'm so excited, this will be my first concert in a long time though so I am sort of nervous to go, and I have school and a Sixth Form open evening the very next day so wish me luck...

Here's some stuff I've really pondered on buying this month but held my self back from doing so:
Most of the stuff I will ask for Christmas, especially the Nike Air Max 97s because they're my dream trainer and I've honestly wanted them for like three years now.
Also has anyone heard P!nk's song with Eminem? It's called 'Revenge' and It's so good.  Don't even get me started on Em's recent freestyle, I'm happy hes back to be honest. 

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On the topic of music - this is my favourite album this month, I'ts been out since February but I only started listening to it recently, I'm so amazed by it: It's so relaxed and chill to listen to while doing makeup or homework etc. All I can say is to give it a listen and tell me how you feel about it - I listen to it on the way to and from school.
Final thing about music: I have another monthly playlist up, this ones probably my favourite - Its got so many great songs on it:

I've been focused on photography, I can actually see myself doing it as a job one day - I never really realized I was interested in it until recently, so I've been asking my friends to come out with me so I can photograph them in Norwich. And because I have a lot of material now, I've started working on a portfolio, which is currently unpublished,  I'm actually very proud of it so far! I may as well get as prepared as possible for university...

If you're interested in my photos, I have Instagram and Twitter where I post a lot of my work, I'd really appreciate it if you'd follow and support :)

I think that's all? Not much more has happened this month, I don't really celebrate Halloween so I have nothing to say about that...

Thank you for reading x