January 2018

January has been one busy month, the reality of my GSCEs is setting in (maybe a little late but I'm trying) more than ever I am struggling at maths and English, however my extra revision sessions after school are putting me and my restless mind at ease. I've started keeping a schedule to put things down on paper instead of in my head and it's honestly a life saver - being organised is key to surviving exams.

I hope Christmas was good for everyone - I happily received a pair of Nike Air Max 97s - aka my dream shoe - along with various books (including a book of Tim Burton's work) CDs (Loyle Carner and Jay-Z) and one of those mermaid tail blankets - I really don't know why.
I've really been into box-sets on iPlayer recently, over the Christmas break I started and finished both Peaky Blinders and Taboo in just under two weeks (that can be seen as either an achievement or a waste of time depending on the way you look at it) and I recently started Britannia on Sky - something to ease my mind in the evenings. 

"It has not snowed in the East Of England yet, despite it definitely being cold enough and honestly its rather disappointing - if I'm going to live in a cold, gloomy place, I would at least like to make the most of it." 

Recently I bought this dress above, which was only £10 from M&S - reduced from £45, I would link the product but I can't find it anywhere. I have really been exploring my sense of style and what really means the most to me when it comes to fashion and I have decided it's wearing what I want in an individual way - I really take inspiration from Florence Welch (she has beautiful clothes) her vintage and unique style is something I really admire. If you want a piece of fashion advice from moi, shop at second had vintage shops. The items there are so individual, unique and (often) cheap - not only that but often the money goes to charity, your little local shops are probably the greatest places to find jewelry and interesting pieces.

This months playlist is a bit of a weird one, it's filled with a strange mix of rap, rock and Spongebob songs, however its enjoyable:

That's all.